Quentin Saunier

The man behind the camera is Quentin Saunier, a french photographer living and working in Paris. He definitely knows how to do justice to a woman’s beauty.

Last Dance - Rhye

Fur Now Campaign

David Lynch & Lykke Li - I’m Waiting Here

기린 (Kirin) - 너의 곁에 

Ben Sandler

Now this is what we call a really nice discovery. We’ve recently came across Ben Sandler and his work, born in Israel working between both Paris and Amsterdam. There’s something quite fascinating about Ben’s images, you can easily get lost gazing at his beautiful work.

Rebekka Deubner

Rebekka is half french, half german and has been living in Paris for over twelve years now. Before studying photography she concentrated on art history. A photography project, mixing documentary and a more intimate approach about Fukushima and Hiroshima will follow soon as she spends this summer in Japan.

Martina’s Giammaria

Meet Mrs. Giammaria today, a photographer from Italy. She’s based in Milan and has some great work to offer. Her work has been published in magazines such as Vice, Wired and Hector Magazine.

Rhye - Woman 

The xx - “Chained”